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Leo, Year Ahead 2023

leo Zodiac Sign

2023 General Horoscope | 2023 Love Horoscope | 2023 Wellbeing Horoscope

Having Saturn opposite Leo for three years has had a major impact on your relationships. But has the planet of discipline and authority's effect improved them (or made them challenging)? Are you feeling stronger for the experience or frustrated and tired? Whichever way Saturn's influence has manifested, the impact of The March of Destiny brings positive transformations that enable you to build on all that you've learned so that you're able to construct more meaningful connections in 2023.

As the year begins, you're in the final stages of the process that's preparing you to take an important step in a new direction. As Mars turns direct, you'll realise you've got the support to take action. And as the March of Destiny begins spring (autumn in the southern hemisphere), and Saturn leaves your opposite sign to be replaced by Pluto, you'll see how to get the investment required to make a success of your plans. Just don't expect everything to be handed to you on a plate! You'll need to work at convincing other people to back the ideas that allow you to pursue your dreams.

As Jupiter (the planet of luck) changes signs in May, your reputation grows and help is more forthcoming. Its links with Mars and Pluto reveal opportunities that will continue to inspire and motivate you throughout the year. Your Leo courage is key. If you believe in yourself and your abilities - and hold onto your vision of a better world, you can take real steps towards creating it.

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Leo Love Horoscope 2023

In your romantic life, the barriers that prevent you from fully appreciating someone special (or finding that special person) will gradually wear away. As your self-confidence grows, you won't have to battle to show your independence - which means you'll be more amenable to forming equal partnerships. And insight into your own needs, and the ability to express them enable you to comprehend how to get a relationship from where it is, to where you where you want it to be. When Venus turns retrograde in your sign (July) it brings a chance to re-examine what it means to you to give and receive love. Understanding the depth of your own feelings empowers you to respond to someone else's. Even if it's scary at times, and requires you to connect in unfamiliar ways, the emotional rewards you stand to gain are immeasurable.

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Leo Wellbeing Horoscope 2023

Jupiter's journey through Taurus this year promises success that translates to material benefits. As the planet of good fortune changes signs (in May) there will be people with whom you can form trust-based partnerships that enable you to strike while the iron of your ideas is hot. Although you'll be motivated to act fast (and you don't want to miss early opportunities) it's important not to get frustrated if success isn't immediate. Saturn requires you to play the long game and wait for investments to mature. By delaying gratification, and making decisions with the bigger picture in mind, your decisions will benefit you well into the future.

As the Eclipses arrive in October, and Jupiter and Saturn align, you'll be solving problems with ease. And when the year draws to a close, you'll have recognition for your achievements and tangible proof of your success. By honouring your own needs, and being authentic with those around you, 2023 will be a year when long-held dreams can become part of your reality.

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