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Aquarius, Year Ahead 2023

aquarius Zodiac Sign

2023 General Horoscope | 2023 Love Horoscope | 2023 Wellbeing Horoscope

For three years, your traditional ruling planet, Saturn, has been attempting to bring greater discipline and authority into your life. Aquarians aren't famous for doing what they're told! And, as it moves on, in March, you have the space to reassess, and notice where stability has become stifling. A shake up, even if it unsettles your world, could be exactly what's needed. 2023 might challenge what you know and what you're used to dealing with, but it also uncovers strengths you didn't know you had.

As the year begins, Mars' change of direction gets your creative juices flowing. It fosters confidence about the year ahead and encourages you to put plans you've deliberated over into action. As the March of Destiny begins in spring (autumn in the southern hemisphere) its time to use the experience and skill you've gained to face any challenges in innovative ways. If that sounds troubling, don't panic! You won't be pushed into anything you're not ready for. Or be abandoned to face trouble without support.

You're being encouraged to see where old ways need to end and new foundations need to be constructed. It will take work. But you're up for the effort. It will take vision, but you see further than most. The goals that lie ahead in at 2023 are worth getting excited about.

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Aquarius Love Horoscope 2023

2023 is a journey of self-discovery. As you become more aware of emotions swirling beneath the surface, your relationships will be changed. You'll crave deeper connections, but it might be hard for other people to fathom the complexity of the emotions you're starting to discover. It's an opportunity to develop new roots with someone willing to explore your potential. And it's about using this newfound emotional expression as a basis to grow together in meaningful ways. Venus' retrograde phase opposite Aquarius (from July to September) encourages you to reassess superficial feelings and see where true love lies. As long as you're willing to face your fears, your heart will be fulfilled in a way you've always wanted, but never fully experienced.

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Aquarius Wellbeing Horoscope 2023

Financially, 2023 holds significant opportunities. Not only can you consolidate what you have and build on the gains you make, but it helps you realise what you've outgrown and can live without. Where have you got so comfortable that you feel trapped? What do you need to preserve and protect? And what must you let go of in order to make richer, more sustaining gains? In May, as Jupiter changes signs, you're encouraged to rise above the past and put your faith in the future. The more you believe you can create for yourself, the more control you'll have about how successful this transformation will be.

As the October Eclipses arrive you'll realise you don't lack any of the emotional or material resources you've been worried about. If you're confidently determined to stick to your principles you'll see processes through... and they'll be successful. Mercury's influence will show you how sensitive communication will enable you to garner the investment to take your ideas forward. 2023's March of Destiny might not be the smoothest of journeys. But the change it brings in your heart will be well worth the ride.

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