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Your Zodiac Sign, the Truth.

libra Zodiac Sign

The Myth:
On the one hand, Librans cannot make their minds up about anything. On the other, they are extremely decisive. Or then again, perhaps not. It all depends on how you cut the cake. The traditional expectation though, is that Librans will cut that cake into exactly equal pieces and then share it generously with their friends. Or will they?
The Truth:
Thankfully, Librans are not the dithering scatterbrains that some astrologers paint them as. Nor are they manically obsessed with equality. Nor, come to that, are they wishy-washy folk who can find a way to agree with anyone. They can, of course. Librans are famous for their charm. It is though, a bit of an affectation. Librans, actually, are argumentative. They love to play Devil's advocate and though like to look at situations and weigh them up, they are happy to accept an imbalance, as long as it is in their favour. On one point only are the old clichés correct. Librans do like sharing.
The Key To Success:
As a Libran, you are blessed with an ability to see both sides of every story. You suspect though, that you are also cursed with an inability to tell which side you prefer. Not so. When you feel unsure about something, there's always a good reason. Be less doubtful of your doubts and you'll have far more to celebrate in your future.
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