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Scorpio, March 2024

scorpio Zodiac Sign

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Your March Monthly Horoscope: Imagine falling in head-over-heels in love with a fictional character. Then rejecting any real-life relationship offers because none of them stand a chance of living up to your ideal. Crazy right? Wanting the best is one thing; but to turn away from a possibility because you're focusing on an impossible fantasy is... well... ridiculous. The problem, is that we can't always tell if we're chasing rainbows. Is there a chance your dream will come true? If you're prepared to adapt as you go along, March brings encouraging signs.

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

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