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Weekly Love Cancer Horoscope

Sunday, 25 February 2024

cancer Zodiac Sign

Your Weekly Love Focus Horoscope: Why do you feel like you've got to say sorry? Have you made a mess of things? Before you get into a downward spiral of regret, isn't there a possibility that you've done something you should be proud of? You're usually pretty quick to defend yourself against criticism. Yet something has made you doubt yourself. And it's making you believe the worst. The legacy of the Full Moon brings an opportunity to reassess your connection with someone. It could well turn out that what you thought was 'wrong', has been 'right' all along.

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

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