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Full Moon in Sagittarius
Thu, 23rd May

by Jemima Cainer

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Forget about any anniversary... about Valentine's Day or a May Day kiss. Let go of ideals about anniversaries or even beautiful sunsets. This Month, the Full Moon in fire sign Sagittarius coincides with Venus, Neptune and Jupiter making the kind of cosmic conversation you might find in a matchmaker's meeting room. This moment could very well be the pinnacle of romantic energy in this year's calendar. Whenever the Moon is full, romance, emotions and passionate experiences are all heightened. When it happens in Sagittarius we seek out good humour, and emotional generosity and feel especially daring. This Full Moon is encouraging us to grow - to expand our horizons and dare to reach a higher plane of potential within ourselves and in our relationships. Spontaneity and excitement are high, we are energised and ready for an outburst of love and emotional expression.

Venus is the planetary ruler of love and of all things lovely. She guides us towards our inner feminine power, regardless of how we may identify in terms of sex or gender, and to celebrate whatever gives us pleasure. Under the light of this full Moon Venus is conjoining with Jupiter, the planet of good fortune and amplification and these planets, working their magic together, create a harmonious link to Neptune, which is at home in the realm of water sign Pisces, and ruler of romantic ideals and deeper feelings. Jupiter and Venus are both very nearly ready to move out of Taurus which is the sign that rules over sensuality and determination. This is a moment to celebrate Jupiter's stint in the sign, to see the slow and steady growth which has occurred in your world in the last year. This final push, in connection with Taurus's ruler Venus and influenced by Neptunian power, is a moment for realising that we really do have the power to make our dreams a reality. But Neptune's power can be a little intoxicating. Under the influence of this planet, we yearn for heightened experience and the kind of Euphoria which can soon begin to feel like the tables of control have been tilted.

Just after the Full Moon, Venus moves into flirtatious Gemini, ready to spark conversations around relationships and connections. Jupiter expands whatever it touches and this Full Moon is being infused with a sense of hope for a future of better connections and exciting conversations which make our hearts beat a little faster and the butterflies of intimate connection flutter their wings in our bellies and remind us of that fizzing potential which comes from being playful, building genuine intimacy and communication which allows for greater understanding.

The Moon is making a positive connection too with Neptune and Pluto so be prepared for powerful dreams and feelings of great transformation. Drama, and tension tend to increase romantic feelings. There is also the potential for some fierce words and blurting out the truth as the Moon connects with Mars later in the evening and also squares up with Saturn. Knowing when to call it a night is recommended to avoid all this good stuff and excitement bubbling from something sublime to ridiculous!

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