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Your Libra Moon Horoscope

by Jemima Cainer
Find out your 'Moon' Sign' here.

For the week commencing:
Sunday, 3 December 2023

libra Zodiac Sign
When following a knitting pattern, sometimes we are asked to cast on, and other times, to cast off. This motion of increasing or reducing the number of stitches leads to the size and pattern of the piece taking shape. Even so, often, especially for amateurs like me, these crucial instructions can often feel counterintuitive. The more we consider if we have done it right, the less sure of the outcome! This week, something is occurring which will upset the autopilot of some of your functions. This is not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, you may find that to make progress, you have to trust those who know what they are talking about!

"Phenomenal! Excellent!", "I love that Daisy has been added. Please keep her!", "Breathtaking - I cannot thank her - and you - enough.", "It makes complete sense." What, or who, are they talking about? Find out...

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